Novel Biologics
Designed by Evolution
Discovered by AI

High-throughput natural, novel drug discovery

We are reimagining traditional drug discovery through the lens of AI, drawing inspiration from the greatest research lab known to man: Nature. The natural world has always had the harshest of selection criteria: evolution or extinction. In fact many of our most game-changing medicines are derived from nature. Such as Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin, returning to his lab to find mould growing on a discarded Petri dish keeping the bacteria from growing. Today, nearly 100 years on, antibiotics save millions of lives worldwide and have added nearly ten years to our life expectancy

AI with usable, validated output

AMPLY makes the traditional approach to drug discovery relevant again by supercharging it with AI. Any form of life, captured and digitized by next-generation sequencing technology, can be analysed using our platform to discover novel medicines. A billion window sills with a billion petri dishes on them.

But this isn’t just a theoretical tool. We don’t stop there: what we discover digitally is bio-printed, creating a real world molecule which we can test and validate.

We have tested our discoveries in leading hospitals and benchmarked them against real diseases that have afflicted real people.

next generation drug discovery


The AMPLY platform connects the digital biological biome to high volume peptide, protein and RNAi extraction technology to unlock a new frontier in drug discovery. The AMPLY discovery cycle for novel compounds is rapid, effective and scaleable.

Data Agnostic

AMPLYfolio AI can process genomic, transcriptomic, meta-transcriptomic, metagenomic or synthetic data.

Data & Analytics

AMPLYfolio AI uses custom data-scanning techniques to locate regions of interest in digital biological data that other tools miss.

Machine Learning

AMPLY uses black-box unpublished machine learning and bioinformatic methodologies to highlight novel compounds using a complex web of thousands of metadata tags.

Stock picking

AMPLY uses approaches leveraged from predictive marketing and the financial services industry and creates a "stock picking" dashboard view of the data it processes. This allows a user-driven selection of novel compounds


AMPLY uniquely connects the digital discovery technology to high throughput peptide and RNAi synthesis and protein extraction techniques.

Essentially a 3D printing process for biological compounds.


Once compounds are printed the AMPLY pipeline includes a full lab validation of the kill-efficiency of compounds against target diseases. Additional testing, such as toxicity, anti-biofilm, biochemical handling criteria and resistance studies can be performed as desired.