Novel Biologics
Designed by Evolution
Discovered by AI

Disease impacts us all...
10 million people die will die this year from cancer and 50 million people are projected to die from drug resistant infections every year by 2050
... but making new drugs is difficult
Drug discovery is a costly, slow process, often limited to big biopharma that targets mainly the most lucrative diseases
The solution?
What if we could level the playing field, leveraging the raw power of evolution and cutting-edge machine learning to unearth new drugs from the vastness of nature?
Life finds a way

Evolution’s uncompromising ‘adapt or die’ mantra has birthed some of our most impactful medicines. Consider penicillin, born from Alexander Fleming’s serendipitous antibiotic discovery, now a cornerstone of modern medicine, which added a decade to all of our lives. 

AMPLY revitalizes this organic approach, infusing it with AI’s power. Our technology digitizes life’s diversity, using next-gen sequencing for drug discovery—a billion potential solutions on a billion virtual petri dishes. These digital finds are bio-printed into tangible molecules for real-world testing. Our discoveries have been trialled in top hospital labs, pitted against real diseases.

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