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Using evolutionary biology and AI to develop next generation pharmaceuticals

Life is increasingly digitised. From individual organisms (genomes) to entire environments (metagenomes). This digital biome contains a near infinite supply of novel molecules for human and animal bioclinical use.

We target global disease threats from multi-drug resistant pathogens

10 million people a year will die, globally, per year by 2050 due to multi-drug resistant infections s. This will eclipse deaths from cancer and will lead to a global burden to healthcare systems in excess of $100 trillion dollars unless next-generation, novel antimicrobials can be developed. 

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The amplyfolio ai platform

Bringing financial style stock selection to biological compounds

The digital biome offers huge potential for recovering drugs shaped by tens of thousands of years of evolution. But finding good compounds that we can synthesise artificially that work in the lab is a challenge that AMPLYfolio AI, our award-winning software platform built on IBM and Microsoft technologies meets through combining bioinformatic and techniques from other industry sectors (such as asset management and predictive marketing). 

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Our journey


AMPLY Discovery Ltd was founded in February 2021 as spin-out from Queen’s University of Belfast with the goal of using the AMPLY platform to develop new biological molecules for anti-infective health and nutrition applications in animal and human health. AMPLY has been part of the BioAccelerate Wales, Lean Launch Programme NI and ICURe pre-accelerators, and EIT Food Seedbed programme. 

We have now been awarded a significant grant from the Innovate UK to support further development. We are currently discussing our pipeline with prospective partners to deliver our discoveries to market across animal health problems with a focus on topical skin and tissue infection management.