Life finds a way

AMPLYfolio AI unlocks the digital biome to accelerate the identification of novel, next-generation therapeutics

AI-derived novel biologics

AMPLY Discovery uses a bespoke AI technology platform to biomine metagenomic, metatranscriptompic and genomic data for novel therapeutic compounds. We then use bioprinting technologies to produce those compounds for extensive in vitro and in vivo characterisation. We focus on novel antimicrobials that kill currently untreatable drug-resistant diseases in both animal and human health, including drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa, MRSA, MDR Tuberculosis and MDR Bovine mastitis. Our technology platform also allows the targeting of other functional classes of molecules including anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-cancer treatments.
biomining biological big data for novel biologics

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Founded as a spinout from the Queen’s University Belfast in 2021, AMPLY’s AI drug discovery platform was developed to ensure new generations of antibiotics remain effective against infections. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is the process in which bacteria and viruses grow resistant to medication, rendering previously effective treatments useless. AMPLY harnesses AI to mine digital biological data to discover alternative natural medications that are anti-infective as well feature a host of useful properties to benefit human and animal health. Evolution and competitive pressure in ecosystems leads to a microbial arms race between different classes of life. Hidden in metagenomic and genomic data is the key to the antimicrobial weapons of potentially millions of unculturable or unknown organisms. Life finds a way, then AMPLY exploits it.
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The amplyfolio ai platform

Bringing financial style stock selection to drug discovery

The digital biome offers huge potential for recovering proteinaceous compounds shaped by tens of thousands of years of evolution. But finding good compounds that can be synthesised artificially and work in the lab is a challenge. AMPLYfolio AI, our award-winning software platform, meets this challenge through combining bioinformatic techniques and approaches from other industries (such as asset management and predictive marketing) alongside a unique human decision-making dashboard which focuses on novelty and IP protectability. 

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