The AMPLY Discovery Team

AMPLY was started by an experienced founding management team, including the CEO Dr Ben Thomas and CCO Dermot Tierney. Ben returned to biology as a mature student, completing a PhD in bioinformatics at Aberystwyth University in 2018, before continuing his research at Queen’s University, Belfast as a PDRA. It was here he met Dermot and together they decided it made sense to explore commercial avenues to realise the immense potential of the AMPLYfolio system. Since securing over £900k in investment, the team has been augmented by non-executive advisors (with deep domain knowledge and strong technical and commercial skillsets) and two skilled microbiologists in Dr Jurnorain Gani and Dr Peter Alexander. 

AMPLY Discovery now has a combined 100 years experience in biotech, computational biology, animal and human health, and technology licensing. 

Technology, commercial and biology people

The AI and machine learning space of the biomedical industry sector has seen a flood of new entrants. But AMPLY Discovery remains a unique proposition because of its end-to-end platform that not only mines digital biological data, but is optimised to bioprint and test the output of the software predictions in a lab environment. This is AI with a tangible, immediate reward, from digital data to a unique biologic in a tube in days, not years. AMPLY Discovery's core team has skills across bioinformatics, machine learning, microbiology and commercial licencing and technology transfer.

Dr Ben Thomas

20+ years experience in dairy farming, financial asset management, predictive marketing, computational biology and software design

Dermot Tierney

20+ years industry experience, technology licensing and business development

Dr Jurnorain Gani

Synthetic drug synthesis and performance specialist with extensive hospital-based clinical background

Dr Peter Alexander

Specialist in antimicrobial drug discovery and development, biochemistry and microbiology

Prof. Chris Creevey

Computational biologist with an interest in applying ecological and evolutionary principals to microbial communities

Prof. Sharon Huws

Focused on understanding the functionality of rumen microbes—with the aim of addressing food security and human health.